Sizes: 2" - 80" (50 mm - 2,035 mm)

Single inflatable damns for blocking and testing

PPM offers a range of inflatable stoppers in various shapes and sizes, suitable for many applications. Made from a natural rubber bladder covered in waterproof polyurethane coated nylon to prevent friction and static electricity build up.

There are six different types available:

  • Cylindrical - this stopper is generally used for blocking pipes where access is restricted
  • Spherical - this stopper has less contact area than cylindrical stoppers, and is most suited to applications where access is further limited. Due to its shape the spherical inflatable stopper can be used at any angle
  • Square / Rectangular - this stopper has a variety of applications, including in air conditioning ducting and venting
  • Doughnut - this stopper requires minimal space and is perfectly suited to larger diameter pipes as there is less inflation required
  • Sausage - this stopper has more contact area between the stopper and the pipe wall enabling it to hold back more pressure
  • Heat Resistant - this stopper is made of a specially designed Kevlar and Nomex mix material to withstand temperatures up to 500ºC (932ºF) for applications involving higher temperatures such as pre heating

Holdback pressure - unsupported back pressure is 20% of the inflation pressure

Each inflatable stopper comes with an inflation hose fitted with a schrader valve enabling inflation with a standard airline, bicycle or foot pump.

PPM's inflatable stoppers are supplied as standard with no through tube. Through tubes can be supplied on request at extra cost when the stoppers are required for weld purging applications. When deflated, the inflatable stoppers can be inserted and withdrawn with ease when access is restricted.